Melanie Fiona On Working With Drake, Jason Mraz Comparison And Sexy Album Cover

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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In the second half of my video interview with Melanie Fiona, the soulful R&B singer discusses some of the songs on her album, "The MF Life."

Fiona was so moved by the music of the ballad "Wrong Side Of A Long Song" that she freestyled the lyrics. "The music just spoke to me and told me this very sad tale of love," Fiona explained.

Part 1 Melanie on hand picking J. Cole, Nas, John Legend For 'The MF Life'

Another slow jam, "Bones," written and produced by Jack Splash, struck Fiona because of the lyrics that use biology terms as metaphors for love. Fiona explained what inspired Splash to write the lyric, "get all molecular and pass myself through you."

Some of Fiona's fans may be surprised that her song "I Been That Girl" was written by hip-hop star Drake or that "Can't Say I Never Loved You" is reminiscent of music by Jason Mraz. Fiona offers the background story on each of the tracks.

She even talks about "The MF Life"'s super sexy album cover that pictures her leaning on a stop light pole wearing a sweater, shorts, and red knee high stockings..