Meet Martin Garrix: Scooter Braun's Latest Discovery and Teen EDM Phenom

Marisa Okano
The New Now


Most 17-year-olds have years to wait before paying cover charge at some of the biggest nightlife venues on the planet, but young EDM producer Martin Garrix is no stranger to the scene. He's practically running the show! The Amsterdam-bred phenom's hit "Animals" has just begun to crash FM radio airwaves thanks to the same folks who launched the career of another teen talent...does "Bieber" ring any bells?

Scooter Braun Projects, which geared up an EDM department last year, recently began managing Garrix. And now one of their first adventures together is the "We Are Animals" tour, a world excursion that kicked off at New York City club Pacha on Jan. 31. Garrix took a break from his travels (and his first time touring the U.S.!) to chat with us about his crazy year he has ahead.



Why he loves being on Team Scooter Braun: 

Right now I'm working with some of the biggest guys in the whole world, I can't say which names yet! [Scooter Braun Projects] made everything happen with getting "Animals" everywhere on the radio. They really know what they are doing and how to build an artist. I'm really happy that I'm part of their team now.  

On his talents you don't know about:

I don't only produce house music, I also produce other different genres that I don't release as Martin Garrix. [Now that I'm part of Scooter Braun Projects] I can produce for other artists that can sing or rap or do anything. I'll be the background producer with no credit; it's cool. There's so many new possibilities and opportunities.  

The hardest part about juggling the high school world and the nightlife world:

It's weird because all my friends, they're working at the supermarket and stuff like that. I have a completely different job, I love to do my job; it's also my hobby, you know? The only thing that's just a little bit different for me is that I travel a lot and I don't get to see [my friends] very much. I don't have a normal life. But I'm enjoying it to the fullest! I bring a lot of my friends along with me during the shows. I also bring my parents very often with me. 

On his underwhelming first DJ gig:

It was s---. It wasn't very special, it was a wedding for the friends of my parents. I just had to play the background music. It wasn't very complicated.

His first impression of the Big Apple:

I had really high expectations because all my friends already played there, you know? And every single one of them told me it was completely crazy. And it was completely crazy; the energy that was there was so cool and so much fun. I liked it a lot. 

The craziest thing that’s happened on tour so far: 

The line at [New York nightclub] Pacha. It was the longest line they've ever seen there; it was almost three blocks.

If he could pull a David Guetta, he’d collaborate with:

Lana Del Rey, I love her. Her voice is so unique and so special.  


The best advice he’s received from his mentor, EDM legend Tiësto:  

We were Skyping, and there was an article on the Internet about me that said I was a copycat. It wasn't a good article. I said to him, "F--- them." He said, "If people are hating, it means you're doing something good."

What he expects from his first festival season in the U.S. this year: 

I expect a lot of great vibes. I was at Ultra myself in the crowd, then suddenly a year later I move up from the crowd to actually being onstage, and it's amazing.      

Who he’s excited to see at Coachella: 

OutKast, of course.

Celebs he’d love to meet while he’s in America:

Russell Brand, or the guy who plays Allan in "The Hangover" [Zach Galifianakis]. 

On how he’s never gonna stop raving: 

I love it. I'm still gonna do it, just with a mask on or something. 

His ultimate rave survival tip:

Make sure you drink enough [water]. Sometimes I see people at shows and they're jumping for one and a half hours in the front and I'm like, "Damn! You need something to drink."

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