Meet Katy Perry’s ‘Brand’ New Man

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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While in London Wednesday for the premiere of her movie, "Katy Perry: Part Of Me," the pop star had dinner with her off-on boyfriend, Robert Ackroyd, guitarist for Florence + Machine.

The couple went public with their relationship at the Coachella Music Festival in April, four months after Perry announced her separation from husband Russell Brand. They were photographed hugging and kissing at the two weekend indie music event in California.

Perry and Ackroyd avoided any public display of affection when leaving The Dove restaurant in Hackney, east London Wednesday. Perry walked with her head down.

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On Thursday, Ackroyd accompanied Perry to her interview on "The Graham Norton Show."

Last month, Perry reportedly put the relationship on hold.

Perry said her new movie, "Katy Perry: Part Of Me," captures part of the breakdown of her 14-month marriage to Brand.

"I thought it was important to show everything in between," Perry told Ellen DeGeneres in May. "I think sometimes people think that we're perfect, and we're not perfect at all."

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Perry added, "I decided to put everything into the film. In the most tasteful way," she said. "But mostly it's about how I got there and the ride along the way, which can be bumpy. But mostly, it was extremely fun."

"Katy Perry: Part Of Me" will be released on July 5.