MC Dolly Parton Spits Rhymes About Miley Cyrus … Seriously!

Suzy Byrne
Stop The Presses!

Who's idea was this?

It's Dolly Parton as you've never seen her — we promise! The 67-year-old country music legend sports a blond Afro and takes the stage to rap on Monday's "The Queen Latifah Show."

In a clip which is sure to go viral, the curvy "9 to 5" crooner, who dubs herself "the Queen of Dollywood," tests out her novice hip-hop skills on the talk show audience. And while the awkward-but-charming performance was certainly outside her wheelhouse (her many Grammys were won in the country genre, after all), the topic she was singing about wasn't: The rap was mostly about her, um, anatomy.

Parton spit out lines about her famously ample assets — and also rapped about Queen Latifah's breasts.

"Now I don't hip and I don't hop, I'd black both eyes with this big top," she sang as the audience clapped. "I know the Queen has got them too, but she don't work them like I do. Look at them go!"

She then gave Miley Cyrus a shout out, referencing twerking before quipping, "Hey, Miley — I've got your 'Wrecking Balls' right here" and cupping her you-know-whats.

Oh, Dolly — you'll never stop entertaining us, and we're glad for that.