Maypril Jewels: Hear Four New Adam Lambert Song Snippets!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)March 21, 2012

Thanks to the fine folks at, four tracks from Adam Lambert's salivatingly anticipated sophomore album, Trespassing (due for a "Maypril" release, as Adam so amusingly/frustratingly announced; its original street date was supposed to be, um, TODAY), have surfaced online--in all their glittering glory. And I predict that they're ALL going to be hits.

Yes, from the Daft Punkiness of the Bonnie McKee-co-penned electropop banger "Cuckoo" (my personal choice for Adam's next single, if I must go with just one), to the Queenly military-disco stomp of the title track (a co-write with Midas-touched hitmaker Pharrell Williams), to the put-your-hands-in-the-air Love Parade anthem "Naked Love" (a Benny Blanco masterpiece that reminds me a bit of You Can Dance-era Madonna) and the David Guetta-reminiscent floorfiller "Never Close Our Eyes," there is so much head-exploding, earhole-overloading goodness here.

Cuckoo by adamofficial

Trespassing by adamofficial

Naked Love by adamofficial

Never Close Our Eyes by adamofficial

So I've got just two questions: When we will have remixes of all of these tracks? it Maypril yet???

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