Mary Lambert Delivers Powerful SXSW Rendition of "Body Love"

Wendy Geller
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Mary Lambert Delivers Powerful SXSW Rendition of "Body Love"

Seattle's Mary Lambert has become a household name at this point for her contributions to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's hit "Same Love," which has resulted in the singer/songwriter -- who is openly gay -- finding herself in the position of advocacy via her confessional, revealing, and educational songs referencing her sexual orientation and body image.

One of these songs, "Body Love," with its repetition of "You are worth more," has in particular received a flood of response from girls who relate to the lyrics. Lambert gave an intimate performance of the song at Yahoo's Brazos Hall during the 2014 South By Southwest festival, as well as chatted with Yahoo Music about its influence.

"I get emails at least daily about 'Body Love,' the singer said. "I think the most moving ones [come from] high school girls. There was this one girl in particular that said she had discovered it... She took all of her friends, and they were all in the car, and she played it on her phone. They were all crying and having this moment as 15-year-old girls."

"It's really beautiful to be able to inspire, especially high school girls."

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Lambert has reached a level of prominence she never dreamed of, largely in part to her extraordinarily moving appearance with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the 2014 Grammys -- which included not only a cameo from the iconic Madonna, but an emotional group wedding joining dozens of couples of all different orientations right there in the telecast.

Lambert says it was the most important moment in her life. As she explained: "There was a moment when we were in the dress rehearsal. I was crying, and was trying really hard to get through the song. I finally got through the second run-through and then they brought the couples in... And there was this one couple that mouthed 'thank you' to me, and I was like, 'Screw you guys, I almost got through it!'

"And then I finished and, of course, I'm crying again and Madonna, with her cut-off leather gloves, she wipes my tears. And I remember just standing there going, like, 'What life am I in? What the hell is going on?' And I'm looking at the set and I'm looking at everybody and I'm like, 'This is a dream, this doesn't happen.'

"I don't know what I did [to deserve this good fortune], but I just want to keep doing it."