Mariah Carey, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

As Christmas approaches, we're reminded of the simple things that make this time of the year special.  The season-ending NFL games.  That uncomfortable discussion with your drunken, racist, homophobic uncle.  The endless traveling to get to somewhere you'd rather not be, to spend time with people you'd rather not know.

Yes, it's all very magical.  And most magical of all are the music videos that our friends, the popular musicians, serve up to help us celebrate our annual holiday.  This week we're very happy to feature superstar Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You," a festive romp featuring Mariah, Santa, snow, dogs dressed as reindeer, and Christmas trees.

Why, if this isn't the happiest time of the year, we're a monkey's uncle!

Please enjoy the video and captions.  And, from everyone here at Y! Music — we work tirelessly all year just to entertain you! —  the very happiest of holidays!  See you next week for the gala New Year's Framed!

1 —  "It would be intriguing, visually,  if I were to have an idea."

2 —  "Aw.  Wrong holiday, but you can stay for dinner.  Do you get it?"

3 —  "Why, this, like gay marriage, is a slippery slope!"

4 —  "But, Mariah, even Santa can't buy up all the existing copies of Glitter."

5 —  "Readers, please," Santa huffed.  "The gravy...skip the gravy."

6 —  Shopping for just the right tree, but drunk?  We've all been there!

7 —  Pumpkinhead's disguise was, let's be blunt, ingenious!

8 —  Flipping the planet's gravitational field 90° didn't bother Sparky!  Not at all!

9 —  Hey!  Who's that with Jim the Bird?

10 —  "So these 'reindeer games' pretty much consist of euchre?  Why would you want to join in them?"

11 —  Mariah's PSA for "flue season" failed on several levels!

12 —  "Bye — gotta run now!  Friends are calling 'yoo-hoo!'"