Madonna Channels Marlene Dietrich in Top Hat and Tux

Wendy Geller
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Madonna is famous for her figure — which she manages to keep enviably toned at the age of 54. However, on Tuesday, she kept her curves well under wraps, choosing a black tuxedo complete with tails and top hat for a New York appearance.

While some may look at her androgynous ensemble and think "circus ringmaster," another appropriate comparison might be to 1930s starlet Marlene Dietrich, who often sported top hats and masculine suits.

The health-conscious Madonna — who famously name-checked Dietrich in her 1990 hit "Vogue" — of course eschewed the cigarette Dietrich was often photographed with, but was a dead ringer for the film icon otherwise.

The superstar was celebrating a screening for the Epix World premiere of her Madonna: The MDNA Tour documentary, which was held at NYC's Paris Theater.