Madonna’s Big Tulle Raises Eyebrows At ‘W.E.’ Premiere

Tiffany Lee
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Madonna is no stranger to edgy, forward-thinking looks, but the dress she wore for her "W.E." premiere in New York City last night had some people wincing.

The 53-year-old singer-writer-director-producer's tulle, lace and velvet Marchesa gown was more Morticia than Madge and clashed with her brassy blonde bob. But the outfit seemed like an homage to her iconic and oft mimicked "Like A Virgin" look that featured many-a full tulle skirts and tight lace bodices. Is Madonna's style back to its old attention-grabbing ways?

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While the fall 2011 Marchesa gown itself is nonetheless gorgeous (despite comparisons to a goth figure skating outfit), the way Madonna was styled did not make the gown really sizzle. The chunky bangles and huge diamond "W" and "E" letter rings drew away from the delicateness of the gown and the black lace slip underneath the sheer white fabric—which made an unfortunate gray color—washed the gown's inherent boldness out. The superstar may have fared better with a nude slip—she is Madonna after all!

The tulle sleeves and shoulders were the defining part of the dress, but Madonna would've looked more elegant without them if she wanted to keep the hair, black slip and jewelry. Plus, with tulle the shape is everything because the structure is so hard to keep. The dramatic high collar and shoulders got mashed down as the night went on, looking more and more D.I.Y. than designer. Where were your interns with cans of starch spray, Madge?

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