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I've been on a heavy metal kick this weekend since putting together an Egyptian gods metal playlist. So I'm continuing with the metal theme here.

I don't know about you, but when I think of metal, I think of the devil. After all, Satan is the unofficial mascot of heavy metal music, and this fact doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I've already done a bunch of playlists around metal's evil themes, but this will be the first that focuses specifically on the name "Lucifer".

Historians mostly peg the name "Lucifer" as being synonymous with Satan in the third century. Although not mentioned by this name in the new testament, Satan is referred to as the morning star (lucifer in Latin), and it refers to the devil in the form of a fallen angel.

For this playlist I've searched out thirteen songs that mention Lucifer by name in the song title. Each one is a metal song, "Lucifer" songs by bands that I would consider hard rock and not metal (i.e.: The Cult) were not included. While Lucifer songs can be found across many genres, I wanted to keep this one a purely metal experience.

What would you add?

Lucifer Metal

1. Envoy Of Lucifer - Nifelheim

2. Lucifer Rising - Candlemass

3. In the Name of Lucifer - Korvus

4. Lucifer Rising - Venom

5. Lucifer's Legions - Devastator

6. Lucifer's Inferno - Hirax

7. Lucifer's Hammer - Crimson Glory

8. Lucifer's Domain - Hobb's Angel Of Death

9. Lucifer - Taunted

10. Lucifer - Nunslaughter

11. Lucifer - Lucifer

12. Lucifer's Prophet - The Embalmed

13. Lucifer's Heritage - Necrophilia

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