Lou Reed Says He’s ‘Bigger and Stronger’ After Liver Transplant

Craig Rosen
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Iconic rocker Lou Reed is recovering from a liver transplant and says he's doing fine, thanks.

"I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry," Reed wrote in a Facebook post. "I am bigger and stronger than ever. My Chen Taiji and health regimen has served me well all these years, thanks to Master Ren Guang-yi. I look forward to being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future."

The "Walk on the Wild Side" singer actually had the surgery back in April, according to his wife, singer/performance artist Laurie Anderson, who revealed the details of Reed's surgery in an interview over the weekend. The medical condition explains why Reed canceled a series of high-profile gigs in California, including appearances at Coachella. At the time, the only explanation given for the cancellations was "unavoidable complications."

Anderson said it was far more than just complications. "It's as serious as it gets," she said in an interview with the Times of London. "He was dying. You don't get it for fun."

Anderson added that Reed opted to have the surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio instead of his native New York because the state hospitals there are "dysfunctional."

Reed is known for writing and recording the song "Heroin" when fronting the legendary Velvet Underground in the late '60s, but it's not known if his own struggles with drugs or alcohol contributed to his health problems.

While Reed was upbeat about his prognosis, Anderson was a bit more guarded. "I don't think he'll ever totally recover from this, but he'll certainly be back to doing [things] in a few months," Anderson told the Times. "He's already working and doing t'ai chi. I'm very happy. It's a new life for him."

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