Los Tucanes De Tijuana, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Living in Southern California, Framed is in tune with our large Mexican-American community, of course, and quite fond of their musical stylings. A few months back, we featured the great narcocorrido band, Los Cuates De Sinaloa, in this space. And this week, we're happy to bring in Los Tucanes De Tijuana and their new song, "Amor Compartido."

And, for you who only speak English, please welcome the Toucans of Tijuana and their new song, "Shared Love."

Suffice it to say that Los Tucanes, sellers of over 10 million albums, are the most successful Norteno band in Mexico, and narcocorrido outlaws in their own right. In fact, they were banned from playing in Tijuana — which they're the toucans of, we remind you! — because, according to the chief of police, "the band's polka-driven narcocorrido songs glorify drug lords and their exploits and are therefore inappropriate to play in a city that has suffered soaring drug-related violence in recent years."

Well, we don't know about that, but we do know Los Tucanes bring the Norteno sound in a big way! Please enjoy the song, the video, and our captions, which are pretty much in English, because!

Important blog note! We introduced "bonus captions" a few weeks back because, incredibly, we simply brim over with captions! So much so that we actually write captions for frames that don't even exist!

All the time!

Is it a gift? A curse? A way to kill time? No one knows!

But, since we like to give back, we decided to simply give you, our valued and hyper-intelligent readers, these extra captions at — get this! — no extra cost to you! It's true... bonus captions are absolutely free!

You may be saying, "But what can I do with bonus captions? I don't have a hoity-toity blog on an internationally famous internet service. I have to work for a living."

And that's OK! Because bonus captions can be used in everyday life. We hear, anecdotally, that people are using them as snappy comebacks! Introductions to non sequitur soliloquies! Insight into the troubled human mind! All manner of things!

So please enjoy these bonus captions, and let us know where you find them valuable! We're all in this together!

  • "Oh, bleep Y! Music. Their pay rate, I hear, is quite low."
  • "So we agree? Poland is next?"
  • "Of course the Bible is true! It says so in the Constitution!"
  • Yeah, but Utah's not a 'real' state, right?"

Important blog note #2! Framed will be on hiatus next week, doing stuff. Keep yourself amused, and be back here in two weeks!

1 — "Si, senor. I am hypnotized."

2 — Juan Linnell is not a real doctor, but they call him Dr. Gusano.

3 — "But, senorita! I yam not that kind of man!"

4 — "A Mexican League of the Preposterously Dressed? Unthinkable!"

5 — "The ace of spades! The ace of spades!"

6 — "It's true! My favorite bookstore used to be Border's!"

7 — "Dios! Slowpoke Rodriguez really is the slowest mouse in all of Mexico."

8 — Go ahead and write your own caption, OK? We're, um, busy.

9 — Nope. Still busy.

10 — "No, no. I prefer Dos Equis."

11 — "Drink, mis amigos! To the hat dances and jumping beans we love so well!"

12 — "I not only run the cartel, I blog!"