Lollapalooza Gets First Family Seal of Approval With Malia Obama Visit

Yahoo MusicAugust 4, 2014
White House celebrates Malia’s Sweet 16
First Daughter Malia Obama recently celebrated her 16th birthday. Bill Plante has more on what growing up in the White House is like for a teenager.

Congratulations are due to Jane’s Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell. After a decade and a half, the festival pulled off something this weekend that not even Coachella has accomplished. It received the First Family seal of approval; as Malia Obama was spotted in the crowd.

Since Malia just turned 16 last month, her parents – also known as the President of the United States and First Lady – had to give permission for the teenager to attend the fest, held August 1-3 in their hometown of Chicago.

Photographic evidence of Malia’s visit showed up on Twitter along with several tweets from festival-goers who got a glimpse of the eldest of the two First Daughters.

J chillin with Malia Obama✌️

— Sarah (@cleaaaaver) August 4, 2014

MALIA WAS @LORDEMUSIC RT @ratko_radojcic: @jesshopp ha! i was standing next to malia obama (plus secret service) = total utopian teen dream!

— Jessica Hopper (@jesshopp) August 2, 2014

saw Malia Obama at Chance The Rapper last night and the secret service wasn't thrilled about the mud at Perry's stage haha

— A HILLA (@TheHukiKabuki) August 4, 2014

I asked Malia Obama for a picture and she said she wasn't allowed to take pictures with people ]]>😩😩