You’ll Never Guess What Lady Gaga Requested To Be In Her Dressing Room

Wendy Geller
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Surprise, surprise—the ever-colorful Lady Gaga likes to keep her backstage environment just as unusual as she herself is. The superstar’s official rider for her worldwide Monster Ball Tour, which ran from 2009-2011, has been revealed—and it’s full of some pretty interesting requests.

The document, obtained exclusively by Celebuzz, lays out directions for her dressing room décor, personal accoutrements, and food.

Gaga’s taste runs goth—or, “glam rock” as she puts it—given her requests for black and silver satin to be draped around the room. Her furniture choice? White leather couches, accessorized with vases of fresh roses in various colors (yes, the colors are specified: Yellow, white or lavender only, please).

She also desired fan art to decorate the walls, along with with “old rock posters from her favorite artists”—such as David Bowie, Queen, Elton John, and Billie Holiday.

To keep her relaxed and feeling fresh, Gaga preferred a double set of lavender-scented towels—full size, hand size, and wash cloths—to be available “at all times.”

As for dietary needs, her menu ran on the healthy side, including whole-wheat bread, low-sugar peanut butter with flax seed, bran flake cereal, fruit, hummus, and homemade guacamole. A 24-hour hotel kitchen access request was put in for her own personal chef. Gaga also demanded an elliptical machine be available in her hotel suite. Her one indulgence in the health and fitness area? Jamesons and white wine.

All of this doesn’t sound too “monstrous” of a list to you? Well, we saved the best for last. The lucky person responsible for putting together Gaga’s backstage suite better not have forgotten one thing: A mannequin with puffy pink "public"--we assume they meant to spell something else--hair.

Other shades of hair-down-there apparently just wouldn’t do!

Lady Gaga is currently on her North American Born This Way Ball trek. Check here to see when she’ll be arriving to your town.


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