LL Cool J’s Wife Explains Beef With His ‘Doin’ It’ Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Stop The Presses!

LL Cool J’s racy video “Doin’ It” may be a favorite among his fans, but the wife of the artist tapped to host the Grammys the last two years thinks otherwise.

Simone feels that a line was crossed when one of the models licked her husband during the filming of a romantic scene in the release from LL’s 1995 album Mr. Smith.

Simone recalls the clip on an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter scheduled to air Sunday on Winfrey’s OWN network. Winfrey asked the couple that wed in 1995 about their keys to making their marriage work.

“You know in the beginning of our marriage, he was Ladies Love Cool J, and he did this video called ‘Doin’ It,’” Simone explains. “And I love the record. I just remember Todd going and doing a video. … I remember the girl licking him on the side of his face.”

The timing of the making of the video wasn’t ideal. “And I just remember we came home from our honeymoon. Todd puts the video in and I’m like … what the hell is this?” Simone adds.

LL laughs about the video and claims not to remember the licking scene.

Other than learning to pick their battles, Simone says that their spirituality has also been key to the success of their relationship. “Definitely putting God first,” she says. “We both come from a spiritual background. Grandparents. Grand praying grandmothers. And they definitely instilled that in both of us.”

In the Next Chapter interview, Winfrey also talks to LL about his altercation with a home intruder last summer.

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