Listen: Madonna’s New Song ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Tiffany Lee
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The latest Madonna track "Girl Gone Wild" hit the internet this week after teasers of the song were leaked a few weeks ago. Set to be the second single off her upcoming album, the hard-partying track is much less bubbly than her "Give Me All Your Luvin'" single, but has a build and beat that will slay in super clubs and car radio dance parties. And in true Madonna form, the single already received threats of a lawsuit even before the track was released.

Initially, the song was called "Girls Gone Wild" and as to be expected, Joe Francis of the raunchy 'Girls Gone Wild' video empire got involved. Francis threatened to sue the 53-year-old singer a few weeks ago if she sang the song at the Super Bowl. Why anyone would be angry about their brand getting a free plug at one of the biggest and most outrageously expensive ad placement events of the year is beyond me. Francis apparently sent Madonna a cease and desist letter, arguing that Madonna was trying to get a "free ride on the valuable consumer goodwill and brand recognition" and demanded she make a licensing deal with Francis and pay up for trademark usage. Despite Madonna's seemingly endless pop power, Francis won this round without setting foot in a courtroom. Madge acquiesced to his demands by dropping the "s" in the song title, changing it to "Girl Gone Wild" and even went as far as changing the lyrics too. Still, Francis plans to keep pushing the issue, threatening new legal action unless further changes are made.

As for the song itself, if "Girl Gone Wild" belonged to an artist with less name recognition, it could easily be swept under the rug. But Queen Madge has earned the privilege of fans loving no matter what she releases so she has nothing to worry about. Certainly not worth going to court over.

Whether or not being single with a string of hot young arm candy has anything to do with this song is up for debate. I just hope she won't start clubbing with her daughter Lourdes when she turns 18. Or will--she is Madonna after all.

Madonna's cleverly titled 12th studio album MDNA will be released on March 26.

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