LISTEN: Idol Angie Miller’s New Original, “Put It on Me”

Lyndsey Parker
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On last year's American Idol Live! tour, Colton Dixon got the unprecedented honor of being allowed to perform one of his original songs in concert. Now this year's finalist Angie Miller will one-up Colton by performing two originals: "You Set Me Free," the piano ballad that put her on the "Idol" Season 12 map during Hollywood Week, and "Put It on Me," a snippet of which debuted online this Wednesday, two days before this summer's American Idol Live! tour launch.

Melodically, the tune's verse reminds me a bit of Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break," and the anthemic chorus is very Branch/Lavigne/Clarkson, with an upbeat theme of friendship. (The song has a wholesome message, despite what the phrase "put it on me" has implied in other, mostly hip-hop songs; the "it" Angie is referring to is an emotional weight that a friend is carrying alone).

This seems like a good direction for Angie, who's really a Christian pop-rocker at heart, though this tune will be a bit of a grower for me.

Fans will get to hear "Put It on Me" live for the first time this Friday, July 19, when the Idols kick off their tour in Kent, Washington. What do you think of Angie's new song?

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