Listen To Astro’s New Mixtape, ‘Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Astro, aka the Astronomical Kid from Season 1 of "The X Factor USA," released his new mixtape, Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics, today via I still think this teen MC could be a huge hip-hop star, and I am so glad to see that he didn't give up after he was eliminated from "The X Factor" in seventh place. Astro sounds young and fresh--yet he traffics in an old-skool style that could appeal to hip-hop fans of a certain age who miss the halcyon '80s/'90s days of "Yo! MTV Raps." And he just spits talent, literally.

Check out a four-song sampler of Astro's Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics below, and head over to to stream and download the entire mixtape.

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