Lion Bands

Robert of the Radish
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I had a fine holiday break and I thought I would start the new year with a series of playlists dedicated to big cats. Some of you know that I'm not a fan of domestic cats. Let's just say I'm a dog person. However, I'm fascinated by big cats. All of them. But no big cat is more impressive than the mighty lion. Not only is the lion the king beasts, and Apple's most recent Mac operating system, he's also a symbol for strength, royalty, masculinity, power, danger and sexual prowess. So it makes sense that many bands have named themselves after the king of the jungle.

For this playlist I've selected 10 bands that have named themselves after the lion. I will leave it up to you to decide if these artists are deserving of the name.

Please let me know who I've left out and what "big cat" lists I should do next.

Lion Bands

1. Discretion - Pedro The Lion

2. Wait - White Lion

3. Wild International - One Day As A Lion

4. Transformers (Theme) - Lion

5. Take It Easy - Mad Lion

6. Disaster On the Freeway - Lion Thief

7. Let Down - Pedro The Lion

8. Rise (feat. King Dylan) - Iron Lion

9. Rise Up - Red Lion

10. Up 2 Us - Whispering Lion

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