Lil Wayne Shoots Down Near-Death Report: 'I'm Good Everybody'

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Lil Wayne had a seizure. He is hospitalized in Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. But as for the bombshell TMZ report that claimed the 30-year-old rap star was near-death, surrounded by family, and on the verge of receiving last rites? Not true, according to Team Weezy.

Around 6:30pm PT, a tweet was sent out from Lil Wayne's Twitter:

Yahoo! cannot confirm if the tweet was from Wayne himself; sources close to the rapper have told omg! Insider conflicting information about the rapper's current state and whether he is alert or in a medically induced coma.

However, Mack Maine, president of Weezy's Young Money Entertainment, tweeted out that TMZ's report was completely false.

TMZ, meanwhile, has backed off its report that rocked the Internet this afternoon insisting Wayne was being taken off life support and didn't have long to live. "Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU ... but stabilizing. We're told the prognosis is uncertain," the website wrote in an update.

Already the gossip site is getting backlash for exaggerating the story. Aside from the aforementioned tweets, the rapper's rep, Sarah Cunningham, said that Wayne is recovering.

According to TMZ's initial report, Wayne was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday due to multiple seizures, then released the next morning, only to be found unconscious by his bodyguards.

This isn't the first time that Lil Wayne had suffered from seizures. While traveling by private jet in October, Wayne suffered from seizure-like symptoms forcing an emergency landing.

More as it happens.

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