Lil Wayne Recalls Lyrics From Song He Wrote at 8

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Lil Wayne, 30, was literally a little kid when he wrote his first rap.

On the season opener for "Katie," the New Orleans rapper offers Katie Couric an excerpt of his very first rhyme. In a teaser clip premiering exclusively on Yahoo, Lil Wayne surprisingly appears shy when Couric coaxes him to do the impromptu rendition.

"I was from Hollygrove, and I had a rap where I made an acronym for Hollygrove, and I just said some things, and I was only 12, you guys," he said as a disclaimer for the shocking, adult lyrics that would follow.

Though Wayne was eight when he wrote the song, he did not perform it for Cash Money Records head Bryan "Baby" Williams until he was 12.

Lil Wayne hoped his explanation to Couric would dissuade her from wanting to hear the song, but she insisted that he share just a "little bit."

An unusually embarrassed Lil Wayne, previously known as Baby D, explained the lyrics as he recited them.

He rhymed, "H is for high, like we always get. Getting blunted, cessed out, smoking a whole bunch of spliffs. And then the O was for Olive Branch which was a street. Real, real N-word. The double L was for low lives who love to pull the trigger. The Y was for yes. Yes, yes, my brother. I'm Lil Wayne from Hollygrove, mother lovers."

Lil Wayne laughed after the recital, and Couric teased him about the violent subject matter.

"There's so much wrong with that," Couric said, and Lil Wayne agreed.

Couric asked if the lyrics were a reflection of Lil Wayne's environment at the time and he said, "Yep," before adding that he was trying to impress the older guys in the neighborhood.

"You know what it was?" Lil Wayne asked Couric? "When I wrote it, I imagined rapping it for the guys on the corner called my corner and they were much older. I didn't imagine going to school and saying, 'Hey, listen to this.' Actually, I didn’t even tell my friends in school that I wrote raps."

Lil Wayne's rap did get the attention of the older guys in the neighborhood. "That got me a deal," he said.

Lil Wayne released his debut album, "The Block Is Hot," in 1999 when he was 17.

In June, the Grammy award winning artist filmed in Hollygrove a video for his song "God Bless Amerika," and on September 1, he released his mixtape, "Dedication 5."

In March, Lil Wayne was hospitalized after experiencing a number of seizures.

Watch Lil Wayne speak for the first time about his recent hospitalization and seizures with Katie Couric on her daytime talk show "Katie," airing Monday, September 9. In the same episode, meet Couric's fiancé, John Molner. Check your local listings for times and channels.

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