‘Left Eye Back’ Tribute Song By Black Frost

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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I wish Left Eye could hear this tribute "Left Eye Back" by Mobile, Alabama-bred rapstress Black Frost. Black Frost kicks off the 3-minute piece with a clip of Left Eye reflecting on artistic advice she received from Tupac.

Then Black Frost, suited up in camouflage gear, emerges in front of a backdrop engulfed in flames, rapping the song's chorus, "Left Eye back. Left Eye back. Got everybody screaming Left Eye back," taking cues from Meek Mill's monster jam, "Tupac Back."

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Black Frost alternates between lyrical styles on the song's two verses and brings passion and heart comparable to former Disturbing Tha Peace first lady Shawnna.

As much as I like Nicki Minaj, I'd have to say watching Black Frost rip this track to pieces makes the "Super Bass" rapper look rather childlike, hence her self-proclaimed Barbie comparison.

Still, Black Frost brings the goods, cleverly incorporating in her lyrics many TLC song titles and even a reference to Left Eye's 1994 arson incident with ex Andre Rison: "Them leaking like Waterfalls while my killers is Creeping. Never f**ks with a Scrub you know what's up when you see me. Stranded on Death Row, I ain't 2 proud 2 beg. I'll give you the Red Light Special. Hat 2 Da Back on my head. Screaming Left Eye back. Left Eye back. I set the roof on fire like Left Eye back!"

Black Frost, you got you a new fan.

Download Black Frost's mixtape: Da Beauty & Da Beast Volume III — Murder She Wrote

WARNING: Explicit Lyrics

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