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It has been an unusually mild winter here in North Carolina. We can usually enjoy a couple snow days each year. When we do, the kids are out of school, so we break out the sleds and have a great day sledding down the old logging road in our back yard. But not this year, and although I'm still holding out hope, it doesn't seem likely that we will see snow this year. Heck, my daffodils have already popped up and some of the herbs in my garden are still growing! I suppose that's one of the benefits to a warm winter. However, one of the negatives, besides not having snow to enjoy, is the fact that I am already cutting the grass.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate cutting the grass, in fact I can really enjoy it when I get in the zone and the weather is nice, but I think I would rather have a few months where no mowing is necessary.  Today it felt like spring and the grass needed a trim, so I dusted of my trusty John Deere push mower, filled her with oil and gas and got to it. I love my mower -- it started up on the third pull after sitting all winter.

As I cut the grass and welcomed spring today I started trying to think of "lawnmower songs" and it was a challenge to be sure.

This playlist is my attempt at a 10 song lawnmower-themed playlist.

What would you add?

Lawnmower Songs

1. Lawn Mower Man - Jon Barker

2. The Human Being Lawnmower - MC5

3. A Child and His Lawnmower - Dead Kennedys

4. Lawnmower - Los Straitjackets

5. Lawnmower Repair - Putnam Smith

6. Lawnmower - Punk as a Doornail

7. Lawnmower Boy - ...Nous Non Plus

8. Lawnmower - City Lights

9. 41 Lawnmowers - Billy Crockett

10. Lawnmower - The Big Dirty

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