Lance Bass, Wynonna, Susan Boyle And More Make Hysterical Commercial For Miracle Whip

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

What do Lance Bass, Wynonna, the Village People, and Susan Boyle have in common--other than being musicians, of course?

The answer will surprise you: They all apparently love Miracle Whip Dressing!

Or, at least, they’re willing to shill for the product. This hilarious commercial features a “We Are The World”-style ensemble in which *NSYNC’s Bass—who’s also joined by ‘80s pop tart Tiffany, metal legend Don Dokken, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, and several other faces that will amuse hardcore music fans—urges all the hungry people out there to “Open your mind, open your mouth” and just try some Miracle Whip next lunchtime.

Bass, who additionally stars in a print ad campaign for the sandwich spread, truly outdoes himself in this spot…he even sports a tear trickling down his cheek for the poor misunderstood brand’s sake.

Reality TV sensation Boyle seems to have strong feelings for Miracle Whip herself, as this marks her first U.S. commercial endorsement ever.

This isn’t the first time Miracle Whip has attempted to reinvent itself by aligning a hipper, younger music audience. The brand famously paid for product placement in Lady Gaga’s 2010 “Telephone” video, where the pop star makes sandwiches using the dressing spread on Wonder Bread.