Lana Del Rey Smolders For Jaguar With “Burning Desire” Video

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

What says "Valentine's Day" more than a sultry vixen whispering smokey-sweet nothings from curled red lips? Perhaps a cherry red English sports car that starts at a suggestively-priced $69,000.

Lana Del Rey released a new video today for her achingly seductive track "Burning Desire" that features Jaguar's new F-Type convertible (again, suggestively named?) flush with Valentine's Day reds. The singer utterly yearns on stage in an empty ballroom, as she is at her best when playing the lethally sexy lounge singer. Del Rey has a collage of glamorous, retro film footage projected behind her--much like in her "Video Games" video--spliced together with action shots of the F-Type speeding around a mountainside.

The video is essentially a glorified Jaguar commercial, but Del Rey is enjoyable to watch nonetheless, even during the awkward panting moment in the beginning when she looks more panicky than aroused. Del Rey is clearly cashing in on her fame as long as she can, particularly since she has no burning desire to release another album. She's currently signed to Next modeling agency and was featured in a large campaign for H&M last year. Get that money, honey.

If we had to choose between taking home Lana Del Rey or the car for Valentine's Day, we'd have to think long and hard. And perhaps test drive both.

Kiss Kiss.

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