Lana Del Rey, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Framed is all about great, new talent, so it's with some pride that we welcome Lana Del Rey to our slice of internet real estate this week.

Lana, whose real name is Joe Tompkins, actually directed this week's video, "Video Games." She sang the song in January on Saturday Night Live, and earned the scorn of many, many viewers. She was mocked as being lackluster, weird, and having "one of the worst outings in SNL history."

Are these criticisms fair? No, not all.

Joe, we mean Lana, is a strikingly beautiful singer who's also a songwriter of considerable talent. Born To Die, the LP "Video Games" appears on, was released just a few weeks ago, but has already hit #2 in the U.S.

We trust you, readers: is Lana a gifted musician who's broken all the rules, or an internet flash-in-the-pan, like all the other blogs on Y! Music? Post your thoughts right away!

1 — "That blogger was right! Mopeds rule!"

2 — Lana's career is flagging! Do you get it?

3 — "Can't... hardly...speak. Lips... too...heavy."

4 — "Hey! From here, Mitt Romney's consistent!"

5 — "Whaddaya know? I'm opposed to contraception, too! Just like women everywhere!"

6 — "This isn't a device that'll transport readers to 1940 to help we of the past unlock the secrets of their floating cities. It's a camera."

7 — Jim The Bird vowed to haunt all the blogs until Flipper ceded him control of the seas.

8 — "... vrrrrahh...heavvah."

9 — "Transforming water into formic acid? You go, 'Ant Jesus!'"

10 — "Registering to vote without government-issued ID, eh?"

11 — "I wonder if I should try a more tangible nicotine replacement therapy."

12 — "Give it back, sir! I beat you fair and square!"