Lady Gaga’s Teasers For New ‘Fame’ Fragrance Puts The ‘Gag’ In Gaga

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Lady Gaga has released two netherworld-chic teaser clips for her debut fragrance "Fame" that has us a little gag-happy. After tweeting the creepy, nude promotional image for "Fame" last month, the clips elaborate on the theme of her playing the nefarious ruler of the land along with the fleshy land itself. Straddling the borders of art couture and just plain weirdness? Yep, just how Gaga likes it.

The first clip has Gaga stroking the caviar-smeared face (gag) of a male model, and sitting back with her own neck ruff of canned peaches, more caviar and jewels (double gag). The combo makes for an interesting Freudian snack and hopefully isn't a reflection on how her perfume smells. Then drama: Thunder crashes and a sweeping shot of Gaga's nude body from the promotional ad painted in gold with those bank vault wheel handles barely covering her.

Don't get me wrong, the art direction is fantastic, Gaga look great as always and I personally wouldn't be interested in a fragrance that advertised with babies running though daisy fields. But I also don't want to smell like the inside of a haunted, underwater bondage club.

The second clip touches a bit upon her work with edgy, high-end German label Mugler (I would assume Mugler styled both commercials) having Gaga catwalk between rows of shackled male models in leather/latex underwear. Then the original promo image is brought to life with similarly dressed models miniaturized, crawling all over Gaga in the buff like a flies on a meat dress and the bottle rising out of the black like Sauron's Dark Tower. There are certainly worse infestations to have, but it's still plenty freaky.

Hopefully the dark, dank and kinky ads have no bearing on what "Fame" will actually smell like, as it has been said to have a "floral and fruity" fragrance. But instead of spray for pay, the real appeal of this purchase is to have the exquisitely designed bottle untouched on your shelf, like a perfect poison apple in the evil queens hand.

Would you wear Lady Gaga's black eau de parfum "Fame"? Leave your comments below!

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