Lady Gaga Gets Nude and Kinda Kubrick for Jeff Koons-Designed ARTPOP Album Art

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

From Fame Monster to Fame Goddess, Lady Gaga revealed her ARTPOP album cover on Monday to fans online and IRL in Times Square. The deity-inspired pop provocateuse took her penchant for going nude to the high road, having her latest album cover designed by one of America's top living contemporary artists, Jeff Koons.

Looking perfectly mannequin-esque, the pop singer sits spread-eagled around one of Koons's signature metallic balloons with a collage of Botticelli's iconic "The Birth of Venus" painting and what appears to be a complementing ancient Greek sculpture (ten points to anyone who can identify). Shying away from the intergalactic hyperfuturism that has defined her look for so long, Gaga's latest interest in going sweet, natural and nude like Venus herself is a welcomed change from a much grittier Gaga.

In true Gaga form, the album art was slowly revealed piece by piece by fans tweeting #iHeartARTPOP to "unlock" the entire image. Once unlocked, the album cover hit the big screens in Times Square and Clear Channel-owned digital billboards everywhere.

What struck us at first were the similarities between Gaga's perfectly photoshopped bod and one of the milk maidens from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. One could probably go off on a metaphorical tangent about Gaga dispensing intoxicating pop for the kids much like how Kubrick's Korova Milk Bar mannequins served drug-laced milk for Alex and his droogs, but that's perhaps a little too deep for a Monday.

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album will be available worldwide on November 11.

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