Kris Allen Extends His 'Horizons' to Yahoo: See Him Perform!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality RocksAugust 29, 2014

Season 8 American Idol winner Kris Allen just released his fourth full-length effort, Horizons, out Aug. 12. And Reality Rocks was thrilled when he recently came by Yahoo Music HQ with his Russian-born, Nashville-based duet partner, Lenachka, to perform the lovely single from the album, "Prove It to You," along with two other solo tracks, "Everybody Just Wants to Dance" and "Lost."

A lot has happened in Kris's life since the 2010 release of his last album both good (he became a father; he relocated to Nashville) and not-so-good (he permanently injured his wrist in a serious car accident; he parted ways with RCA Records). But that's what makes Horizons — out on his own label, DogBear Records, and helmed by Switchfoot/Civil Wars producer Charlie Peacock — such a substantive and personal work.

When Kris visited Yahoo, he sat down to discuss Horizons, track by track. From the jaunty, Paul Simon-inspired "Young Love" and upbeat "Everybody Just Wants to Dance" (which has nothing to do with Kris's Idol performance of "All She Wants to Do is Dance," by the way), to more introspective album cuts like "Lost" and "Beautiful & Wild," he took us on a real journey — with a lot of funny conversational detours along the way.

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