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Kreayshawn Goes Pop On ‘Go Hard (La.La.La)’

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After all those years grinding to earn a street cred pass in Oakland, including adopting the hood-approved moniker Kreayshawn, Natassia Gail Zolot flips her underground "Gucci Gucci" sound into something more mainstream.

"Go Hard (La.La.La)" is more stereotypical white-girl rap than "Fergalicous." Natasassia takes on the teen party rebellion of the Beastie Boys -- Licensed To Ill era -- with the swag of Moon Zappa's "Valley Girl."

Over a bubbly, playful Katy Perry-esque pop track, Natassia encourages her female fans to steal their stepfather's credit cards to finance a night of drinking.

The video is super cute, full of vivid, colorful graphics. Natassia's wearing her hair longer and her outfits are pretty and edgy. She shouts out the girls working at Forever 21.

Kreayshawn Goes Pop On ‘Go Hard (La.La.La)’

"Go Hard (La.La.La)"

Though maintaining her same anti-basic-bitches voice, musically, "Go Hard (La.La.La)" isn't what Kreayshawn fans were expecting. But I have a feeling that Natassia is going to appeal to a much wider audience. I wonder if Columbia Records wants her to re-adopt her government name. It would actually make sense. In this lane, Natassia is an easier sell than Kreayshawn.

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