The Killers Celebrate Christmas the Cowboy Way

Daniel Kreps
Amplifier (NEW)

All those Black Friday presents get unwrapped on December 25th, but for fans of the Killers, the band has made it an annual tradition to celebrate Christmas on December 1st. Since 2006, Brandon Flowers and his Vegas crew have posted genre-bending Xmas-themed music videos in the name of charity, since today is World AIDS Day. This year, the band has traded in their tight jeans and leather jackets for ten-gallon hats and spurs on the spaghetti western "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball." It's sort of like 'Cowboys and Aliens," except here, those two are allies in a Christmas battle with a pack of Grinch bandits.

Outside of a few one-off gigs, the Killers have been on hiatus since the release of 2008's 'Day and Age' and its tour, so it's great that the band just to keep their tradition alive; they also recently got together in the studio to begin work on their next album. Both the song and the video are available now on iTunes, with all proceeds benefiting the (RED) charity.