Kid Rock Makes Waves at Billboard Awards With Barbed ‘Lip-Synching’ Comment

Wendy Geller
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When Kid Rock took the stage to present the award for Top Rap Song of the year at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, he immediately attracted attention for the random mug (with unknown contents) he was clutching.

However, the multi-genre artist managed to neatly steal the spotlight from his mystery drink with a single neatly barbed statement.

"Let's give it up for people lip-synching under pre-recorded music," the singer said wryly, before presenting the honor to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for the hit tune "Thrift Shop."

Oh hai, Kid Rock. The social media-sphere instantly went into overdrive regarding his comment: Was the Kid specifically dissing Chris Brown — who'd just performed a very choreographed, Michael Jackson-esque revue of "Fine China"? Or, as other gossipy fans speculated, Selena Gomez's appearance earlier in the show?

Or, even though it came later in the program, perhaps the unexpected but not exactly live-feeling appearance of A-Ha's Morten Harket during Christina Aguilera and Pitbull's rendition of "Feel This Moment"?

Heck — was this a comment on rap music in general, given the award he'd just handed over?

Whatever he specifically meant, to be fair, Kid Rock had just a couple weeks ago been spending time with a group of musicians who definitely do not engage in lip-synching — namely, a host of country legends at the iconic late George Jones's funeral. The Kid himself performed a very organic, acoustic original tune at the memorial. It may be forgiven that he was feeling a little…itchy regarding anything even remotely canned.

But still: Gotta hand it to him for raising a few eyebrows in the crowd. As one fan noted on Twitter: "Kid Rock may have just become my favorite artist for speaking da truth...#lypsyncingsucks."

Still no word what was in that mug he was holding, though.

The Billboard Music Awards aired live from Las Vegas May 19.