Kenna And Mark Foster Share Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb Playlists

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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On Saturday, Ethiopian recording artist Kenna embarked on his second climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of his Summit On The Summit initiative to raise awareness of the clean water crisis. Seven hundred and 80 million people lack access to clean water.

Kenna is joined by Foster The People’s Mark Foster and 10 others for the intense 7-day, 50-mile climb up Africa’s tallest mountain.

Kenna and Foster compiled playlists of music that will help motivate the group during the trek. “It’s long days on Kilimanjaro.  The mountain is the great equalizer and its silence can be deafening.  Music, as a soundtrack to our lives, has a direct impact on our confidence and courage,” Kenna said in a statement released to Yahoo! Music. “We are climbing to fight the global clean water crisis. Sometimes, we don't pay attention to the value of music because it is so readily available, but we have found the faith to move mountains in songs from our favorites, let alone climb them.  We hope these songs can help get us to the top.  Maybe they can inspire you to go to and help us get there.”

Check out the Summit On The Summit’s playlists below:

The Young Ascent (climb up):

The Wise Descent (return):

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