Ke$ha Gets Her Own Crazy (And Beautiful?) Reality Show

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Sheesh, it's about time that Ke$ha got her own reality show. I mean, the woman's entire existence is like "Fear Factor," "Hair Battle Spectacular," "Celebrity Ghost Stories," and "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars," all rolled into one. She hires chainsaw-wielding drag queens for her music videos; wears headdresses fashioned from her fans' discarded teeth; swaps spit with Adam Lambert; claims to have had sex with a ghost; got her TV start hanging out in the background of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's "Simple Life"; and pisses conservatives off, literally, by drinking her own urine and tweeting photos of herself peeing in public. She also DRESSES LIKE THIS.

And now the gutter-glitter princess has her own docu-series, "My Crazy Beautiful Life," coming to MTV. Time to set your DVRs, people. Or your parental controls...

Ke$ha's raw new show, which chronicles the past two years in the wild life of the famously Jack-Daniel's-toothbrushing pop warrior and was lensed by her filmmaker brother Lagan Sebert, doesn't premiere until April 23--but the trailer debuted Wednesday night on MTV. There's no guzzling of bodily fluids to be seen (which is probably a relief) and no Glambert makeout sesh (too bad), but the trailer does depict Ke$ha stalking her ex, looking for new love with a man who "isn't intimated by my fierceness," belching freely, straddling a glitter cannon Cher-style, waxing poetic about "penis dreams," and basically "giving haterz the finger." Okay, then...

Check out all the craziness and beautiful-ness in the clip below:

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