Katy Perry’s Candy-Coated Tour Documentary ‘Part Of Me’: Y! Exclusive Interview!

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

From commanding enormous crowds in full-stage get-ups to makeupless and alone in tears, Katy Perry's behind-the-scenes 3D documentary Katy Perry: Part Of Me takes the viewer inside her 2011 California Dreams tour as she traverses expansive career highs and personal lows during 124  grueling shows. Her very own Truth or Dare (Madonna's standard-setting 1991 tour doc), we see the mountain of work that goes into an international tour, the crew's wild off-day antics, beautifully shot live performances, plus the struggles and eventual breakdown between Perry and ex-husband Russell Brand. As her latest song and summer's hit "Wide Awake" becomes her eighth consecutive top five single, this movie shows just what it takes to become a record-breaker.

If you're looking for a saccharine-fueled summer movie experience, this is a film for both Katy Kats and movie-goers alike. And one of the best parts (at least at the advanced screening)? Lolita-style heart-shaped 3D glasses!

The sparkler shooting, glitter queen of Candy Land sat down with Yahoo! in Beverly Hills, California for an exclusive interview about Part of Me, which premiered this week. We discuss her adorably sassy grandmother, a frightening sickness and what her next steps will be. Particularly exciting for little ol' me, it's my first big interview for Y! so y'all get to watch/hear me be super awkward!

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