Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Sooo Cute on the ‘Who You Love’ Single Cover! See Pics HERE!

Laura Ferreiro
Yahoo Music
Who You Love cover
Mayer and Perry's new song

In case you were having any doubts about John Mayer and Katy Perry's feelings for one another, they've put them on display for all the world to see.

The adorable couple just released the artwork for their duet, "Who You Love," which features them canoodling together. The black-and-white image shows Perry lounging on a couch wearing lingerie. Her hair is tousled and she gazes seductively at the camera with her arm draped over Mayer's shoulder.

Meanwhile Mayer enjoys the affections of the "Roar" singer while sitting on the floor playing his acoustic guitar and looking off into the distance.

The romantic love ballad appears on Mayer's most recent album, Paradise Valley, and features the couple singing about how love can surprise you. "My girl, she ain't the one that I saw coming," Mayer croons before the chorus, "You love, who you love, who you love."

Meanwhile Perry sings about how people warned her that her boy's heart was "too hot to hold," which is likely a reference to Mayer's previous playboy ways (he's dated Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, among others). But it appears that Mayer's serial dating days are behind him.

This time around, he's announcing his feelings for his lady love to the world. On Monday he tweeted a picture of the cover and said, "'Who You Love' is here. Proud of this song, proud of this artwork, proud of this girl."

While it's easy to speculate that "Who You Love" is all about Perry and Mayer's relationship, Perry told MTV News that she feels the sentiments can apply to any two people who love each other. "I love this song because not only can it be a romantic, intimate song, but it can be about the type of love that a mother has when she sees her first child, or best friends or partners."