Katy Perry, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Hola, readers, and welcome back to Framed, the world's only music video/humor blog that is, on occasion, bilingual.

¡Muy bueno!

This week we're bringing back demure superstar songstress Katy Perry, whose new video, "Roar," is gathering scads of views. It's already passed 60 million on Vevo as of this writing, and most of those viewers had to sit through a Grand Theft Auto ad just to see it!

Oh, Vevo, you darn capitalists, you!

The song seems to be about a gal who will no longer turn the other cheek, and the video pretty much depicts Katy as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. It's a rocker, let there be no doubt. So please take our good advice and enjoy the vid, as well as the splendid captions we've written, and return here in one week for even more music video shenanigans!

¡Hasta luego!

1 -- JungleScope is something like CinemaScope, only jungler!

2 -- Could the Dharma Initiative be far away?

3 -- Katy often uses an ugly man in drag as a stunt double!

4 -- This video is a crock! Do you get it, readers?

5 -- "I am the handsome prince! Now where's that demure songstress?"

6 -- "It is here that I'll establish my jungle kingdom, flash some leg, and so on."

7 -- "I told you, I like Fleetwood Mac!"

8 -- "Would you like to try our new Egg White McMuffin?"

9 -- "You summon the USC marching band at our collective peril!"

10 -- "Carry my message to Toucan Sam, and be swift of wing!"

11 -- They all looked on, stunned, as O'Connor picked up the tab!

12 -- "See? It's OK after all! The App That Corrects History is going to erase this week's Framed from human memory!"