Katy Perry Fights Evil Cats in Catsuit and Yes, There Are Cats in Wigs

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Cats on cats on kats! This is what the Internet was made for. Popstar Katy Perry takes her love for play-on-words to a new level in a Josie and the Pussycats-esque action/comedy adventure with popchips called Katy and the popcats (lowercase 'p' stylized for you wannabe editors out there). If you don't like cats, Perry is wearing a skin-tight purple catsuit the whole time to keep your attention.

With her trusty posse of popcats, all of whom have their own wigs of course, Perry along with Lulu, "The Wheels", Widget "The Brains", and Boodles, "The Muscle" are out to thwart the evil Fat Cat, the German-accented, blinged out owner of Fat Cat's Fatty Snacks. Oh, and she also raps a popchips theme song.

There isn't much plot, but it's the Internet, one is rarely needed for a laugh. But you have to appreciate lines like, "Copy that, Fat Cat is coming in hot and greasy" and plenty of cat and Katy puns.

You also have to appreciate a popstar who doesn't take herself too seriously, as clearly seen in her "Last Friday Night" music video. Perry has a flair for comedy, and this short film has plenty of classic '70s Saturday Morning Cartoons slapstick.

My absolute favorite part? The popcats get distracted from their mission by a dubstep laser show, which Perry shuts down like the boss she is. But Katy is faced with her own kryptonite: colorful wigs. The singer becomes hypnotized by them not unlike a cat with a string, batting at them until she gets slapped back to reality by Lulu.

Katy Perry getting slapped in the face by a cat in a pink wig? That's reason enough to watch the video.

Sure, Perry had to have been paid a handsome sum to shoot the elaborate popchips commercial, but at least it's entertaining. Plus, (spoiler alert) Fat Cat survives the explosion. Will there be more adventures with Katy and the popcats? I wanna see more cat wigs!

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