Katy Perry Burns Bridge with Past in Promotional Video

Jon Wiederhorn
Stop The Presses!

It looks almost like a trailer for a horror movie. A darkly manicured hand flicks on a cigarette lighter in the gloomy darkness, and slowly moves past a sweater-clad torso. As the camera pans out and the woman raises the flame towards her face, the audience can see pop star Katy Perry, looking as expressionless as a mannequin.

Katy brings the lighter back down and ignites something that bursts into flames. As the light from the fire builds, it becomes clear that she's actually burning the blue wig that she wore in the cover art and video for her 2010 single, "California Gurls."

In the video's final seconds, the short promotional clip, "Roar – Burning Baby Blue," cuts to a long shot of Perry standing with her flaming wig, then slowly zooms in before a percussive echo is accompanied with the full screen image "#ROAR"; each letter is composed of tiger stripes.

The message is hardly subtle. Katy Perry wants to remind us she's all grown up and ready to roar.

To promote the clip, Katy tweeted, "We don't need no water let the baby blue burn" – a reference, perhaps, to the 1984 Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three song "The Roof is on Fire," or maybe to rap/rock band the Bloodhound Gang, who used the same line in their 1996 song "Fire Water Burn," or to Tweet, whose 2005 song with Missy Elliott "We Don't Need No Water" also used the line.

But judging from the clip, Katy's new music will sound nothing like any of those acts...and rumors that her third album will be darker than the cartoonish, blue-wigged pop on 2010's Teenage Dream seem to be true. However, two things are certain: "Roar" will be released August 12 as the first single from Katy's new album, Prism, and that album will come out October 22.

And for her fans, who have been clamoring for new Katy music, that's something to roar about.