Katy Perry Announces New Album...Via Golden Semi-Truck?

Stop The Presses!

Katy Perry is getting the word out on her latest studio album in the blingiest way possible: a massive gold semi-truck! The good-looking vehicle is emblazoned with huge black print that displays the title of her third studio album, Prism, as well as its 2013 release date, October 22. It was seen roaming throughout Los Angeles on the afternoon of Monday, July 29...but Katy insisted via Twitter that L.A. is just the first stop of the semi's journey:

Now that the truck's made its first appearance, the Twittersphere all abuzz about what's in store for Katy's new release. "Katy Cats," or diehard fans of the pop star, seem to be stoked about the unconventional campaign that encourages major fan participation to grow buzz even more. Katy's pal Adam Lambert was one of the many who voiced his excitement over Katy's new endeavor:

It's a solid two months before Prism drops, and listeners will be supposedly exposed to a "darker" sound with Madonna influences, as Katy recently told Elle UK. Until then, fans at future truck stops will have something nice and shiny to tide them over.