Katrina Parker Brings Her Voice to Yahoo

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo Music

Torch singer Katrina Parker was a dark horse on "The Voice's" very competitive second season, but she beat the odds to make it all the way to the top eight, and she even beat out her Team Adam rival Tony Lucca in the pre-finale popular vote. (Some have theorized that her elimination led NBC to change "The Voice's" rules in Season 3. And by "some," I mean me.)

Katrina has never stopped working since leaving the show...and now, with the excellent new album In and Out of the Dark (available on iTunes now) and even an upcoming appearance on "Millionaire Matchmaker," things are really looking up for the sultry chanteuse.

Katrina recently stopped by Yahoo Music's bunker to belt out a couple acoustic tracks from her album, and she definitely delivered winning performances. Check 'em out here!

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