Kanye West's Kany-ictionary of Proper Nouns: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Edition

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Audiences and the media geared up for a bloodbath on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night, where recent Twitter foe Kanye West was surprisingly scheduled to appear as a guest. But instead of blood, viewers were showered with words, as West's long-winded rants were allowed to take their natural courses, the longest of which was a full eight minutes of uninterrupted Yeezy fury. And featured in Kanye's one-sided interview were almost fifty fashion labels, celebrities, entrepreneurs and historical figures (Jesus and Paula Deen inclusive), who were name-dropped like so much confetti. But who or what are they?

Peruse our Kany-ictionary of Proper Nouns to learn about all the names Kanye West dropped on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night.

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Amancio Ortega - Founder of Spanish fast fashion label Zara, met with Kanye.

Andrew Rosen - Founder of fashion label Theory, met with Kanye.

Apple - The company that likely makes the thing you're reading this on; uncertain why Kanye dropped this name.

Been Trill - A "DJ crew-turned-art collective" that includes Kanye's personal stylist Virgil Abloh.

Bob Iger - Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

Da Vinci - Archetype of the "Renaissance Man," the dude who could do flipping everything well and a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

Damon Dash - Co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, gave Kanye a chain.

David Stern - Commissioner of the NBA, a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

DONDA - Creative multimedia agency founded by West, named after his mother.

Fendi - The high-end label where West and Abloh interned together six years ago, where their leather jogging pant design was rejected.

François Pinault - Head of Kering, a company that owns a ton of fashion labels, met with Kanye.


Gucci - The brand of slippers Kanye spent two telemarketing job paychecks for at eighteen years old.

H&M - "Cool stuff" that wasn't around when Kanye was a kid

Hedi Slimane - Designer/photographer for fashion label Saint Laurent, who told Kanye to stop giving big brands his ideas.

Hollywood Walk of Fame - Famous strips in Hollywood with stars embedded in the sidewalk commemorating celebrities, allegedly banned Kim Kardashian because she is a reality star.

Hood By Air - A streetwear brand Abloh "helps" with.

Howard Hughes - 20th century filmmaker, air speed record holder, once the wealthiest person in the world. A "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

In Touch - Weekly magazine that ran a "bad headline" on the cover about Kanye.

Jesus - Had great hair, a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

John Legend - Musician whose wedding West attended and where he spoke to Quincy Jones.

Kim Kardashian - Reality star girlfriend, one of four things Kanye wants to "protect." Others are his baby North, his ideas and his dreams.

Li & Fung - A Hong Kong-based global sourcing company dealing primarily in garments, met with Kanye.

Louis Vuitton - High-end fashion label Kanye did a sneaker collaboration with.


Michael Jackson - Kanye likened his struggle in the fashion industry to Jackson's struggle to get on early MTV.

Michaelangelo - Insanely influential "High Renaissance" artist, most known for his painting inside the Sistine Chapel, a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

Mike Dean - Hip hop producer who worked West.

MTV - Formerly a music-only channel (see Michael Jackson).

Muhammad Ali - Iconic boxer considered one of history's greatest fighters, Kanye's grandfather loved and grandmother hated.

Nike Yeezy - Name of the collaboration sneaker Kanye created for Nike.

Oprah - Former talk show host, media mogul, Kanye asked to give him a chance.

Paula Deen - Cooking show host found guilty of racial discrimination, "racism is old school" like Deen according to Kanye.

Pyrex Vision - A streetwear brand by Abloh.

Quincy Jones - Legendary music producer with whom West talked about "if you can do music, you can do anything."

Ralph Lauren - Clothing label West wore on Kimmel, wanted to be the "next Ralph Lauren."

Richard Pryor - Influential African-American comedian known for examining issues of race and politics, Kanye wanted a "clean plate" to serve up his ideas the way Pryor did.

Rick Rubin - Kanye's producer, Def Jam founder.

Roc-A-Fella - Record label that first signed Kanye as an artist in 2002.


Saint Laurent - Formerly Yves Saint Laurent, heavily re-branded by latest head designer Hedi Slimane.

South Park - Animated show that ridiculed Kanye West, specifically his outfits.

Steve Jobs - Apple co-founder, CEO (until his death in 2011), a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

Theory - Clean cut contemporary fashion label run by Andrew Rosen.

Truman Show - 1998 Jim Carrey movie where a man unknowingly lives on a reality TV show, Kanye compared himself to the "boat hitting the painting" of the horizon.

Vertu - Luxury mobile phones costing as high as $83,000.

Virgil Abloh - West's art director and personal stylist.

W Magazine - Took "classist shots" at West during an interview.

Walt Disney - Founder of duh, Disney, a "hero" Kanye compared himself to.

Zane Lowe - BBC interviewer to whom West said he invented the leather jogging pant.

Zara - More "cool stuff" that wasn't around when he was a kid.

Overall, the interview was fair and amicable, with only the slightest inkling of a squabble. Despite Kimmel telling West the raw truths that "people think you're a jerk" and "you bring it upon yourself," the late night host was left unscathed. West addressed everything from his BBC interview to working at Fendi, to the paparazzi, to celebrities being treated like "zoo animals," to his struggle for respect in the fashion world. While his rants in summation didn't seem unreasonable, a team of publicists would surely maul West's words with red pens.

Were there any proper nouns we missed? What did you think of Kanye West's latest rant? Leave your comments below!

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