Justin Timberlake Talks ‘Tripping His Mind Out’ At Music Fest

Wendy Geller
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Justin Timberlake may be a respectable married businessman in his 30s, but he seems to have held on to some remnants of his wild youth. In an interview with the new MySpace (of which he is a co-owner), the 20/20 Experience mastermind admits he has indulged in some presumably illegal substances.

Heck, he admits he still does. When discussing what helped trigger the "super trippy" vibe of some of the songs off his new album, Timberlake got right to the point: "I don’t know that there was a specific influence that made that happen other than our own substance abuse while we were making it," he laughed. "There's some trippy moments on there, for sure."

Timberlake went a step further and admitted he's done some serious trippin' in the past, as well. "I've been to [California music festival] Coachella many times, on many different, um, substances…[and] not remembered a lot of it, I’ll leave it at that," he noted.

However, he did manage to call up a specific memory from a while back: "I stood in an open field and one year I saw Nine Inch Nails and the next year I saw Weezer and I was standing in the middle of the field, you know, like tripping my mind out." Groovy, dude.

Timberlake may still enjoy partying, but he has had age catch up with him in some ways. He admitted the promotional go-round for his new album has been a bit harder than his last: "It’s a little tough. I’m a little older than I used to be. I don’t bounce back as easily."