Justin Timberlake Steps Out With Furry New Friend… A Full Beard!

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

From Timberlake to timber man, baby-faced singer and actor Justin Timberlake debuted a new look for the New Year: a full beard! Fresh from his engagement to long-term girlfriend Jessica Biel, Timberlake made no hesitation to step into a more manly, mature look.

He flexed his follicular skills during a Panasonic press event to announce "Myspace TV," a social TV service that will be available during this year's Consumer Electronics Show. "The Social Network" star is currently a stakeholder in the struggling networking site and has taken on leadership roles in the company. This was his first public appearance since popping the question, but the bearded Timberlake was mum about his engagement at the event.

Timberlake was a little late to the game as the official moustache (and beard) month was in November—a.k.a. Movemeber—but the change still highlights his transition from young pop star to serious actor and investor. Perhaps he was inspired by the model of manhood, Steelers football player Brett Keisel, who arguably has the greatest beard on television right now. Whatever his reasons for growing out his facial hair, it seems very appropriate considering Timberlake's woodsy, lumberjack-sounding last name.

Let's take a closer look:

P.S. That's a microphone, not a mole!

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