Justin Timberlake, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Long-time readers -- and we mean really long-time readers -- may remember that the very first guest artist featured here in Framed was Justin Timberlake. And Scarlett Johansson was in it, too!

Those were the days! Why, it seems just like yesterday...

(Weird music signaling flashback.)

Six years ago... Dave DiMartino had invited us to his home, a Hollywood Xanadu tucked into the hills above a struggling city. We found him in his sitting room.

"How would you like to write a 'blog' for Yahoo! Music?" he said, drawing on his pipe.

"A web log, eh? Well, that depends." We sipped our shot of 64-year-old single malt scotch while Dave drank out of the bottle. "Could we refer to ourselves in the third person?

"Absolutely! That's a given!"

"And would we get paid really well and in a very timely fashion?"

"Week in, week out," he lied, scowling at his pipe briefly, and tamping it down. He continued...

"Y! Music needs someone to write captions, you see. Funny captions for music videos. Captions that will amuse our readers, the riff-raff. Captions that will hold their interest for mere seconds, and engage them on a purely superficial level.

"It's my belief that you are, yourself, very superficial. Yet you have a way with words, in a sarcastic and off-putting, rather sophomoric, way."

"Thanks!" we enthused.

(Weird music reprises.)

Well, fast forward to the present day, and JT is finally back! Not just in music, after a long hiatus, but -- more importantly! -- here in Framed. Heck, he's been out of the music scene since Framed #1!

Yes, it will go round in circles!

This week's vid is "Suit & Tie," JT's brand new hit tune that he performed at the Grammys and hit #1 at the iTunes store. It doesn't feature Scarlett Johansson, but Jay-Z, who helped write it, is all over the place. So that's almost as good, right?

We hope so! Please post your shrewdest, best thought-out comments and we'll be back next week with even more!

1 -- "Imagine all the people... diggin' on JT..."

2 -- "Actually, Mr. Timberlake, I think a rollaway bed is something different."

3- "Boy, if this is QxP??, I'm gold!"

4 -- "See, at first I didn't believe they were magically delicious."

5 -- "I'll be happy to be in your video, JT, as long as it doesn't show up in that damn blog where they put words in your mouth. I like to dress up as a little girl, too."

6 -- "We'll try that again, guys, after I figure out what all these lights mean."

7 -- "Lemme see. The Father, the Son and the, um... holy moly? No, the Spirit of St. Louis! No, that's not right..."

8 -- Soon, all the humans will bow to their new masters, the ants.

9 -- "Now, let's all go watch the NBA teams we own. What's that?"

10 -- "Shucks. The tiny feeder has attracted no tiny birds."

11 -- "The power to simply 'wish the airplane away' is less useful than I'd hoped!'

12 -- "I wonder if writing the last caption is occasionally boring and thankless. How will I ever find out?"