Justin Bieber Tweets: ‘Labels Are Shady’

Laura Ferreiro
Yahoo Music

By Laura Ferreiro

According to Justin Bieber, his record label isn't working hard for the money. The 19-year-old pop star has nearly 50 million Twitter followers, a rabid tween fanbase, and countless Number One hits, so one would think that Bieber would be a dream artist for any label. But Biebs apparently believes he's not getting the attention he deserves.

The Canadian teen heartthrob took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, tweeting, "Wish def jam would work harder on my project labels are shady."

He deleted the Tweet soon afterwards, but followed up with this:

Could it be that the songs Bieber has been releasing on his "Music Mondays" aren't performing as he had hoped? His tune "Hold Tight" recently debuted at Number 29 on the Billboard chart, which is a relatively weak showing for someone used to hitting No. 1. Or maybe he's considering following in the footsteps of many other prominent artists who are leaving major labels in favor of a more independent, DIY approach.

Whatever the case, the 19-year-old Canadian superstar wishes his longtime record label – which has released all of his albums since Usher brought him on board when he was only 15 – would work harder for him. If things don't turn around soon, perhaps a few of his Beliebers will find themselves with a new job promoting his music.