Justin Bieber Turns Into A Brit For Radio Interview

Wendy Geller
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Love him or hate him--never underestimate the extent of Justin Bieber's talent. The 18-year-old megastar just one-upped himself over the weekend by conducting a radio interview...using a British accent the entire time.

If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, here's a surprise: He actually carried it off! The native Canadian sat down with a real Brit--a host for London's Capital FM radio--and glibly promised to use the accent for the duration of the interview as part of a challenge. He managed fairly well, even tossing appropriate slang such as "rubbish" into his conversation.

When asked by the interviewer where he learned the accent, Bieber shrugged and joked, "This is just how I talk!"

However, he did have a minor slip. About three-quarters of the way through, he laughed and said "I can't keep doing this," slipping back into his North American English for a moment before picking up character again.

"Do you think that my English accent's quite good, my friend?" Bieber quipped to his interviewer, who agreed it was a passable attempt. "If you walk in right now you might not even know that I'm not an Englishman!"

Want to judge for yourself? Have a look at the video. We think he's at least as good as Madonna when it comes to faking the Brit thing.

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