Justin Bieber, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We're sure that plenty of Y! Music's bloggers are talking about the 55th Annual Grammy Awards this week, but we're not going there.

No way. Uh uh. Not us.

Not this time.

When we heard that Justin Bieber, who has more Twitter followers than anyone else in the world, and who is almost single-handedly responsible for the massive success of Framed, was denied even a single Grammy nomination, we questioned not only their, but our own sanity.

Seriously, Grammys. You're playing ball with Mumford & Sons and you can't even let Justin into the on-deck circle? Do you want us to come over there?

Well, we have no words. This may be the greatest injustice civilization has seen since slavery.

But not to worry, readers. Our video is the great, new, acoustic version of "As Long As You Love Me," a critical sensation and a massive favorite of listeners everywhere. Furthermore, the easy-going Justin, unfazed by the colossal Grammy snub, promised our readers a surprise in this week's captions.

What could it be? Let's find out!

1 -- Pretending that popular music has value is the new thing!

2 -- "Why should I speak in English? Comme une star internationale, je peux parler des sous-titres dans la langue que je veux. Y! Musique est impuissante à m'arrêter. "

3 -- "J'suis Canadien, si le francais est ma langue maternelle. On se moque des Americains tout le temps."

4 -- "J'ai une coiffure dans le style d'Elvis Presley et de Madame de Pompadour! Vous devriez, aussi!"

5 -- Eventually, Lyndsey simply forgot why she kept taking these pictures!

6 -- And, just then, everybody threw up!

7 -- Music's great! Everybody's back!

8 -- "Les fourmis! Plants d'arbres en caoutchouc! Qu'est-ce que c'est, cette folie?"

9 -- "Je salue la président socialiste de France, François Hollande. Ainsi que le communiste, Obama."

10 -- "Now that my new app has stolen Justin's soul, we can talk Satan!"

11 -- "Fourmis! Feignez-vous sont un demi-dieu Canadien!"

12-- "Adieu, la terre! Va te faire foutre, Grammys!"