Justin Bieber Fires Back At Paternity Accuser In New Song

Wendy Geller
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Just in case taking a paternity test wasn't enough, Justin Bieber is making dead certain his fans understand he is innocent in last year's sensationalized case of the woman who accused him of fathering her baby.

In fact, it seems he's actually immortalized the controversy in a song off his new album, Believe, which dropped on Tuesday.

The tune, a bonus track on the album's deluxe package, has the decidedly un-subtle title of "Maria"--his accuser's name is Mariah Yeater--and the lyrics leave no doubt as to Bieber's thoughts on the scandal.

"I'm talking to you, Maria. Why you wanna do me like that? That ain't my baby," Bieber sings on the track. Pretty hard to misinterpret that.

Other choice lines include: "She's all over the news, saying everything but the truth. She's faking, faking it all," and "Why are you trying, trying to lie girl, when ain't I never met you at all?"

Besides dropping the "H" from "Mariah," Bieber took one other artistic liberty with the facts: He refers to the infant as a "she" (Yeater actually has a son).

There's no official statement from Bieber or his camp that the song is actually about Yeater. However, Bieber himself admitted pre-album release that he had written a song specifically about the incident, and even compared it to Michael Jackson's 1982 hit "Billie Jean"--the famous ode to groupies who falsely accuse paternity.

"The whole baby situation, where they said I had her baby--totally not true, by the way--I wrote a song about that. It's kind of my 'Billie Jean,'" he told MTV in May.

Bieber was accused in late 2011 by the 20-year-old Yeater of impregnating her after the two allegedly had sex in a bathroom after a 2010 concert in Los Angeles. After the pop star vehemently denied the story--indeed, as he noted in the song's lyrics, said he'd never even met her--and agreed to undergo DNA testing to prove it, Yeater dropped her case. Bieber, 18, is currently in a relationship with fellow pop star Selena Gomez.

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