Justin Bieber Finds Breaking Point, Hangs Up On Morning Radio Show

Wendy Geller
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Justin Bieber is usually a pretty laid-back guy--for a superstar, anyway. In just the past few weeks, he's cheerfully endured such public tests as David Letterman dissing his tattoos, as well as a dare to put on an English accent for the duration of an entire British interview.

However, he does seem to have a breaking point--and a Detroit-area morning radio show managed to find it, when he recently called in to chat.

Things started off fine and well, until the host of the Mojo In The Morning show decided to compare Bieber to another well-known pop singer.

"I hope you take this as a compliment," said Mojo. "When I heard 'Boyfriend' for the very first time, I thought it was Justin Timberlake's single."

"Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment," Bieber retorted.

That wasn't the only thing that got his goat. Mojo went on to ask about the singer's friendship with teen heartthrob band One Direction, and that led to the straw that broke the Biebs' back.

After Bieber noted that the One Direction lads were "good kids," the host blasted him with the following question: "Do you worry about Harry around your mom, since he likes older women?" (One Direction's Harry Styles has reportedly dated several women in their 30s.)

"Do I wonder...what?" answered a confounded-sounding Bieber.

After the question was repeated, Bieber snapped back in a chilly tone, "I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro."

"Justin, my mom's dead, so unfortunately it wouldn't work," quipped the host.

At that, Bieber had had enough--he hung up.

In the following clip, Mojo explains the entire scenario, noting that Bieber's handlers first called back and blamed bad cell phone reception for the dropped call...but then later admitted the singer was upset by the question.

What do you think? Did the radio host cross a line? To us, it seems fairly silly stuff...but then again, it's never wise to bring anyone's mom into these sorts of discussions. Right?

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